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Trial Experience Counts When You Are Facing Litigation

Attorney John S. Reidy has earned recognition in business communities throughout the Boston area for providing informed, effective representation for plaintiffs and defendants involved in commercial litigation matters for over 30 years. Mr. Reidy is a former assistant district attorney with extensive trial lawyer experience in areas concerning breach of contract and business dispute resolution.

At John S. Reidy, PLLC, our attorney works directly with clients throughout the duration of their litigation cases. We have the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate your dispute and clearly frame your case in terms the opposing lawyer, judge and jury will understand. Contact our office to discuss your case.

Your Business Dispute Is Unique And Demands Personal Attention

We don’t expect you to accept canned solutions to your unique commercial litigation needs. We know that each dispute is different; yours will require a resolution that meets your specific needs.

Whenever possible, we negotiate intelligently to propose solutions that will avoid an expensive court trial. The final decision regarding a resolution will always be yours. We keep our clients fully informed at every turn of the case.

Our attorney never expects you to be satisfied to have your case turned over to an associate or paralegal. When you hire us to represent you, we work directly with you. From the initial investigation of the dispute through the final settlement or court verdict, we will be by your side.

Resolving Your Commercial Disputes

We have been successful in helping our clients resolve a range of commercial litigation matters, including:

Mediation And Arbitration Avoid Costly Commercial Litigation

John S. Reidy is an experienced business and construction law attorney who can clearly present your case in mediation or at a binding arbitration hearing. Our primary objective is to always propose resolutions that will help prevent the dispute from escalating to a costly courtroom battle. In addition, Mr. Reidy serves the legal needs of the business community by acting as a knowledgeable, impartial arbiter and mediator.

Attorney Referrals

If you are an attorney with a client in need of exceptional representation and dispute resolution services, we invite you to learn more about our experience and reputation for excellence. We handle all business litigation matters and are recognized throughout eastern Massachusetts for our knowledge in the area of construction litigation.

Contact A Business Litigation Attorney

Our experience means your success. Call us at 617-786-7575, or email us to schedule a consultation about your commercial litigation and dispute resolution needs. We are conveniently located right off the expressway in Quincy.