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Finding Solutions To Your Business’s Financial Trouble

Keeping a business profitable isn’t always easy. Sometimes factors outside of your control have a negative effect on your bottom line. If your business is having financial difficulties, a skilled attorney can help you develop a strategy to stay above water.

At the Boston-based business law firm John S. Reidy, PLLC, we have decades of experience resolving the day-to-day issues of professionals inside and outside of the construction industry. We have built a solid reputation for providing effective solutions for businesses throughout eastern Massachusetts. Particularly, our attorneys have helped many contractors, subcontractors and developers who are facing a range of construction issues, including financial trouble.

To discuss your options with an experienced Boston business law lawyer, contact our law firm.

Business Restructuring, Corporate Reorganization And Workouts

At our firm, we help businesses find cost-effective solutions to their financial problems. We will walk you through your options and help you find a strategy that meets your needs and interests.

One way we have helped clients reorganize their business interests is through corporate restructuring. Our attorney will work one-on-one with you to determine your business needs and goals. Then, we can advise you on all operational aspects of your business and develop a strategy to protect your business.

We will also negotiate with creditors, lenders and suppliers to develop comprehensive loan workouts. With a view to the future, we will work toward an agreement that allows your business to compete in the market without falling into financial ruin.

Help With Every Financial Problem In The Construction Industry

Our attorney has extensive experience guiding contractors, subcontractors and developers through a range of financial issues, including:

  • Nonpayment and mechanic’s liens
  • Bid assistance and disputes
  • Performance and payment bonds
  • Supplier disputes

Find Out How We Can Help You

Whether you own a construction company or another small business, our attorney has the experience and dedication you need to feel confident in your business decisions. To discuss your options, call our Quincy office at 617-786-7575, or contact us online by completing our convenient form.