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Supplier Disputes Can Disrupt An Entire Project

When contractors, subcontractors or owners are involved in supplier dispute, it can be extremely disruptive, no matter how small or large the project. It may impede the completion of the project, cause delays, increase costs, affect revenue and create tension among all the parties involved.

When Massachusetts construction companies become involved in supplier disputes, they call upon a leading construction law firm to resolve the dispute as well as preserve business relationships so the project can be completed. That law firm is John S. Reidy, PLLC.

For the past 30 years, attorney John S. Reidy has been committed to helping construction industry professionals and organizations with all their legal needs. Our firm provides cost-effective legal representation by a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.

If your organization is involved in a supplier dispute, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Our Attorney Will Work Directly With You

Attorney John S. Reidy has represented owners, subcontractors, material suppliers and general contractors involved in a wide variety of supplier disputes, particularly those involving alleged nonpayment to suppliers. We can:

  • Review claims that payments have been made
  • Review and evaluate the contract to determine if renegotiation is appropriate
  • Work with parties to negotiate a new structured payment plan
  • File or remove materialman’s liens or mechanic’s liens
  • Assert or defend bond claims seeking payment from surety companies
  • Investigate any claims of changed circumstances justifying nonpayment
  • When one party is in bankruptcy, restructure the deal to assign that party’s contractual responsibilities, compensation and costs to a new party
  • Represent creditor clients in bankruptcy litigation

John S. Reidy, PLLC, has handled a multitude of supplier disputes. We have a deep familiarity with the unique lien statutes in Massachusetts and understand the complex rules governing payment schedules. We understand all the legal considerations surrounding mechanic’s and materialman’s liens, including who can perfect the lien, what evidence is needed and how to litigate their enforcement in court. We also are experienced in lien claims made against the owner’s real estate.

Take The First Step — Call Us

Supplier disputes can be costly in a number of ways. Contacting an experienced attorney is the first step in curtailing these costs. When experience matters, call us at 617-786-7575, or contact us online to help you resolve your supplier dispute.